Fed’s Corporate Bond Buying Foresaw a Year of Covid Pain


A year ago. The twenty third of march twenty twenty early. On as you're know in the days of this pandemic when maybe not all of us understood how much trouble we were gonna be in public health wise mental health wise certainly and economic health wise as well and we begin today of last year because we marked two milestones on this tuesday first of all the stock market low of the pandemic. It's been basically straight up since then. I know not the economy. Thank you we offer that. Just as a marker also a year ago today the federal reserve said it was going to step in and start buying up corporate bonds. That was and is a big deal. The fed getting into corporate dead didn't because the market for that debt just frozen and the fed was helping those companies borrow at lower rates which can be conducive to business and borrow they did. Corporate debt had records in twenty twenty but with rising interest news of late. As we've been telling you corporate debts been getting a little bit more expensive. Marketplace's justin ho gets us gone. Investors think about corporate bonds. Kind of like how they think about government bonds. If you're going to lock up my money for years you better pay me enough interest to make it worth my while. They want to be earning a rate of return that is higher than expected inflation. That's winnie caesar. at wellsfargo. She says many investors expect inflation to pick up this year. People are likely to spend more and that spending good drive up prices not just for regular consumers but for companies to it could be that accompanies cost of labor is increasing. It could be that. A company's cost of just raw materials and commodities is increasing. Those expectations are causing. Corporate bond yields to rise. But they're also signs of an improving economy says kathy jones chief fixed income strategist at charles schwab. Which underwrites this program. Jones says corporate borrowing costs are historically low and even though they're currently rising that shouldn't be an impediment to them investing and continuing to grow the business. The concern says stephen davidov salomon uc. Berkeley is if rates continue to grow into next year or the following if rates get too high. He says companies won't be able to borrow as much to a fun. Projects investment will slow because investment becomes more costly fed chair. J. paul said today although he expects prices to creep up this year he doesn't think that will have a big or lasting impact on overall inflation.

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