A highlight from Should the Bruins Think Twice About Mattias Ekholm & Why Arizona Should be the Target | Poke the Bear w/ Conor Ryan

Poke the Bear


Poke the bear episode 36 36 like I tried to think of a number or a player who had the number thirty-six, but I couldn't think of one on the Bruins. At least. I feel like there hasn't been a while. Unless you have one no call this one of my cats my episode smart episode other than Merit off ski alongside Connor ride a Boston Sports channel Connor how we doing? I'm doing very well. How you doing? I'm doing well, but the weather's nice it's warm. This is like, this is one time a year. I always say to people I love this time of year cuz like you grind through winter you especially this much this winter was tough. It was very cold covid-19. There this is a normal year. This is you know, you getting ready for the playoffs and a couple of weeks. You got the summer after that. Then you got even even when you go from Summer to the fall like who doesn't like fall you got hopefully, you know God yeah baseball postseason. You got just general fall stuff where your flannels go Apple pick and have a good time. And then what happens after that? Oh my God you go right into holiday season, right? You got Thanksgiving Christmas since January and then it goes into that dip again, right like January to like mid March. Not not not not not ideal. But as a whole in the upward Trend right now, I'm very fortunate cuz my birthday's in February. So at least it's something that I can look forward to you know, I can yeah, I have it then and it's like, okay good. Like I can this gives me something in February cuz there's nothing else if they were super bowl and then there's hockey and and and basketball so yeah. Yes, and the one thing is I don't people can tell a little congested and that is because with the warm weather comes the allergies. Yeah, it's always fun. And you always forget about you always just run headfirst into the outdoors and then you quickly realize sneezes come and all that and you're worried right now cuz like oh my God covid-19 know it's just just I chased I could change my breakfast this morning. So mainly just a really bad allergies. But at any rate there is Bruins to get quite a bit of birds and his people know as the trade deadline approached is April twelve just give you a lot more about trades and a lot more reported about trades and yesterday Tuesday. It was reported back to get Matias at home from the Predators. You would need a first-round pick an elite Prospect and then a third asset. So the 3rd is that's kind of whatever you want to own a vending machine your own a vending machine off maybe a little more than that. But the main thing is the first round pick in the elite prospects now, it's very it's been talked about for a long time. The midi second will be a great fit in Boston. They have the first round pick they do. Of the elite Prospect and maybe if you want to say like Elite prospects like you just some more but cuz a lot of people say that their farm system is not that great. So how many Elite package do you really have? But at any rate the real question that everyone sticking around right now is should the Bruins. Hey this price should they do this and we talk of this on Bruin speed cuz I thought I had kind of did a proposal was first Johnny Beecher and or go back and I didn't do you do that deal if you're the Bruins Yeah, I mean that it's a it's quite the ask in terms of what what it would take to get at Coleman again granted. It's cuz I'm very very good. Right? I mean, I think if you add him to this d'cor, you've got one of the one of the better top floors, I think whether it's let's just say it's you know McEvoy at home course, I cough. They go back to that like a pretty damn good you put those around you still got to really really really good deep hairs. So I think in terms of his value, I think it's really helped a lot and I think you've seen a lot of people say like well thier these looking great like even when they haven't been winning games and they're averaging like 1 and 1/2 goals-against per, you know, per game the last two weeks.

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