Pennsylvania's Camelback Resort investigating lift chair fall that injured three people


Come on, Whose time 12 11, a ski resort in the Poconos, looking into an accident involving one of its chair lifts over the weekend. Response to trauma. Do a fault in the lift three paces. Killed. Exit the area. A father in his two Children are recovering after falling from a ski lift a Camelback ski resort in Pennsylvania on Sunday the chair plummeting 15 ft to the ground. The list to the heart stop went up straight down. Douglas Mackey was at the resort ski with his son when he let the father and two kids go ahead of him on the left. Mackey seeing it all happened. He just reached out to grab his kids, man and Oh, Next thing I knew they were falling. Heard sounds. These kids screaming man. It was bad. They went down and those kids was Freeman. It was pretty bad. We were sitting there. We don't know what to do. Don't you love me? Pretty study Ski patrol rushing to help the dad and his two boys ski patrollers in front of me. They pulled the Gangloff, the family. They start treating the first day, the National Ski Areas Association says a chair falling off the cable is rare, but it has happened before Camelback Resort, issuing a statement saying, We are devastated by the weekend's events on the Sullivan lift in our hearts go out to the family involved. We thank you for your patience as we continue to conduct a thorough investigation. In the meantime, the Sullivan lived remains closed. We don't know if was operator error If the lift had been properly maintained over the years or who was left into fall into disrepair, and that might have caused a problem. We don't know if it was a problem with The motor drives themselves. There's just a lot of unanswered questions at this point. The Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry say they are aware of the incident and they're working with the resort on

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