Environmental Consultant Stacey Isaac Berahzer Is All About Water


My name is stacey isaac raza. I run a stall environmental. Consulting firm called ibm environmental. We only like released added in september two thousand and two but it's been a funding so far i got into the field of voice against the movie was in my undergraduate degree where i had an internship during the semester and ended up doing what follows the stuff i did. Different things that boost. But or woulda i ended up on everything from yeah into of indexing different streams or what bodies within the us different shopping segments into of the solid With anything different refinements ec had put a designated saddam will not and so that's probably rare relieve loyal insufficiently symptoms. And you also have an interesting background. You're from trinidad. And most people probably don't know much about tim's of its water issues to my kind of giving us a bit of an overview of the water situation there absolutely. I didn't grow up. Include noninvasive tobacco. Which is an island. Republican the caribbean to in small islands in the tropics through a good bit of rainfall but in terms of the island environment awards the russia's off the land pretty quickly storing capturing and storing it for human is is enforced sunday challenge also the high volumes of reform that we have signed in an island environment trindad coupled with developments and develop lines construction on even navas mountain range the the non arranging and of course issues flooding on the last couple of decades

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