A highlight from 136: Ginny Lemon!


Yes yes you are. I just heard something fun. There was a good way to start with a scramble doing on the how similar similar thank you actually worked out well so i see that there was something about a thirty milligram versus a fifteen milligram. Last night. i basically the morning of meant to have some sort of twitter. I with with The drag race people and then not went tits up there was some miscommunication. Ice is slacking off drag race. Left right and center everybody off. Everybody i could and then also had phone calls and calm down and removed. Everything could look at my two of my sleeping pills. Not one so probably makes it. One bit strange olds in the old medication books. Because i took it forgot about it and some of the ones that says milligrams done. I've done that before with I think it was back when i was on ritalin. I'm on admiral now. And i took it and it was almost like when you lock your keys in the car and you're closing the car door at the same time and you go. Oh no. it's it's in there and just it's too late. Yeah it's one of those days. And then i completely forgot about their soil masters offers books cycle is going on. That's quite all right and it ended up that i had to run to the bathroom anyway. So it actually worked out perfectly in a university. The apu yeah. Goods goods is even in america. It is although i my schedule's been a little wacky. So because i was up late last night. I took a nap yesterday. That went kinda late. And then i was like you know what i might as. Well stay up. You know what. I mean. Because i'd like i was doing some editing and it's only it's only like that one hour you know when you have to do that because i'm sure you've done a to catch flights and everything. There's that weird our where. There's not really anything specific to do were. Suddenly your system goes pleased. I just. I can't just put me put me to bed but you go through this eight. Yeah yeah yeah how you sleeping schedule like usually i mean he has sleeping pills. So is this something that you struggle with at all. Well i know i used. I used to sleep like an absolute rock. Like i was never. You could play a brass band in would never get you would serve would me when even and then and then careers going a big mental breakdown. Everything just went on his head. So i was just one of these people. That just couldn't sleep. So i had nights nights which is couldn't sleep couldn't sleep but you know the medications saw it things out now says it tends to be a bit more regulated. Now as long as i'm on top of it and not double dosing one. Sure because sometimes people use sleeping pills only occasionally yes exactly exactly right now. This is built. Its own the way you administer because it affects you differently when you smoke it and then also you can do it out in public. And no one's like what's donald crushing and snorting the pill in public. Still people have an attitude. I don't know what that is. I don't want any against subset. I know it sounds like it's a drug drug amount. Is that a marijuana cigarette or is that that's not legal in in the uk right now. It's just cigarettes cigarettes. Can i roll my eyes. They looked like slips. Yeah and what what Type of tobacco do you prefer. I spoke golden. Virginia as smokes golden virginia smooth but now they want it yellow so i have to go go to virginia actually right because they removed all the stuff just like in the states. They took away the lights. That took away the mild. All that put like people pieces of throats among the new pokemon in my is. I'm i'm not. What have you got. You know the child smoking a cigarette the wrong way one might looking. It's dead father. Will the impotence on. that's a good one day. oh that's why i didn't know that they marketed that now. That's terrific that. Just let pokemon cards. I've got i've got a client. Smaller go huge collection of tobacco pouches. Always stop until old of their. You know harrowing images in my collection sure l. variations. Then all the different warnings to luton. Once right it's 'cause i guess before the pandemic when it was Not so scary to just hook up with someone. Maybe you'd go for the birth control one where it was like. This would be harmful to children now. Maybe when it's harder for people to have dates go for the impotence one. Maybe they're hoping to just straight for the impotence. But i'll have that one place. Maybe it should be the exactly. I won't have to worry so much. I won't get frustrated but you don't get frustrated in that regard not only. Do you have a husband. But you have a boyfriend i do. I'm very look with being a love triangle. That's also go ahead now.

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