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Called for more serious charges against a former police officer. The leaders of Russia and China put aside their disputes with President Biden long enough to pledge international cooperation. On cutting fossil fuels emissions during a live stream summit showcasing the US return to the fight against global warming. Brightness pledged the U. S will cut emissions by 52% in the next nine years. I'm Tim McGuire. Ratings numbers are in for the Derrick Show Vin murder trial. He also says there were at least 22.8 million people who watched on TV this week as former Minneapolis police officer Derrick Show Vin was convicted of murder and manslaughter in the death of George Floyd. But the numbers don't quite tell the whole story. The Nielsen numbers are based on viewership figures on 10 different networks that carry Tuesday's verdict live. However, the actual audience was likely much higher. For one thing. The numbers do not include court TV, or ESPN, which

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