Edwina Dunn: Big Data Pioneer, Founder of Dunnhumby

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Big data is one of the biggest game changers in modern life. It's transformed business. Politics science and just about every facet of society and duino done is a pioneer in the field in nineteen eighty nine. She co founded a data. Science company called done humby the revolutionized the realm of retail and consumer packaged goods the groundbreaking loyalty program. That done humby created helped. It's klein tesco. Become one of the world's largest retailer's for her groundbreaking work at was awarded in. Ob one of the british empire's highest honors. After selling humby edina went on to become the chair of star-count a data science consultancy between his journey is a fascinating one. I hope you enjoy my conversation with the dna co founder of done humby and chair of star-count between thanks so much for joining us in two lighted to be here with you. Well we are very excited about this conversation in particular for lots of reasons much about your career to date has been about big data which we love to talk about it. Then of course getting into what you're doing with the female lead but to start big data has had a huge impact and continues to have a huge impact on contemporary life. And you've really been a pioneer in this field in one thousand nine hundred nine. You founded a global data science company which created the first mass loyalty program and changed the way people shop and now you're the chair of data marketing company stark out. What drew you to this field. And why is data science so important to our everyday lives will thank you. I mean yes. It's a great question. I i have to say i. I was lucky and my job. I i study joker fe and no one who studies geography ever face. They got a have an amazing career. Following that i've enjoyed it. I didn't think i was going to step into a role where spatial analysis was important. And actually i did

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