New iPad Pros, New iMacs, and a Purple iPhone!

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So apple had a big event. And we're here to break it all down for you. Yeah that's right mike. I guess the biggest news was. There's a new. I mac computer and a new ipad pro tablet on the way next month. The new line of twenty four inch. I max which started twelve ninety nine. We'll come in four colors green pink blue and silver. there's also a higher end model with more powerful graphics processing. It starts at fourteen ninety nine and that comes in seven colors green yellow orange pink purple blue and silver very reminiscent of like the old school. Max back the day. That had the monitors. They're all different colors very cool looking There's also a new ipad pros which will be available in both lebanon and twelve point. Nine inch sizes. They're starting at seven ninety nine and ten ninety nine respectively. Both the max and the ipad pro will be available for preorder on april thirtieth and their due to release in the second. Half of may also introduced. Is the long rumored airtags gadgets similar to a tile so what users do as they attached to items like a keychain or backpack or even a stuffed animal A common issue in my house last stuffed animals. Basically it's a small silver disc with the apple logo and you attach it to whatever you need to. It will leverage the company's fine my tool that you use if you lost your iphone your ipad and then uses. Look up the air tag. They can quickly find what they lost. The software for airtags precision. Finding that helps better assist you in finding a lost item. There's a really cool demo where someone's holding the phone and it's actually pointing them to where they need to walk to get precisely where they need to be the air tech twenty dollars you can also buy it in a four pack for ninety nine dollars orders for that start friday and it. Ships april thirtieth. And there's more. I know my twitter feed got a lot of buzz from the new purple iphone. Twelve and iphone twelve many which is coming which is coming out. There's a new apple tv. Four k streaming device coming in may it starts at one seventy nine and in addition to faster processor the streaming boxers supports. Hdr at a higher rate. And let's use your iphone taxi improve the color balance and the contrast of your tv picture.

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