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Then peter began to speak to them. I truly understand that. God shows no partiality but in every nation anyone who fears him and does what is right is acceptable to him. Acts chapter ten versus thirty four and thirty five everybody. I'm chris dab reagan gillan and this is off script the podcast. every week. We take a deeper dive on sunday. Sermon talk about the theology behind it. Get a chance to explore. Anything ended up on the cutting room floor. We are excited. We're back after a week off last week. The youth did a terrific job on youth sunday. Always it's always good to hear from him but we did not get any of our seniors here for a podcast about juniors and table a grace so we are starting our new series this week a sermon that he preached as well and table of grace and the series is called faith matters with a question mark. And we're going to be the book of acts These five weeks and got some great stories enacts. Yeah i think it's going to be a great great series. And i love that each week were kind of highlighting a theologian. And so it's been fun and we're trying to get some diversity and theologians so they're not all i mean old white guys can say that i'm halfway to. I'm halfway to old Okay keep telling yourself that your first question is related to age jump in there. Yeah so you open your sermon with nerdy statistics Nerdy i think he's really like relevant. Really know the gallup poll. And so i feel personally attacked when you talk about. The millennials millennials millennial personally attacked. Do cash that our religious affiliation down to thirty six percent which is quite a drop from compared to the others so this precision purposes so this is the percentage of americans who consider themselves to be members of a church synagogue or mosque. So that doesn't necessarily mean. I mean there's there's a bigger number than the ones that we were reported there that are maybe ten essentially involved in a church or occasionally involved in a church or consider themselves spiritual. I mean all kinds of language around that this is specifically talking about people who consider themselves to be members and That's a relevant statistic and it's related because like all the indicators are following these same trends giving attendance self-identification the percentage of americans who. Here's the headline. If you didn't hear the sermon so for the first time since gallup has been asking this question in the first time they asked with a nineteen thirty seven. The number of a number of americans who consider themselves to be members of a church synagogue or mosque drop below fifty percent for the first time so the first time they asked that question was the nineteen thirty seven. The answer was seventy three percent of course back then. It was the vast majority christian right. That numbers stayed consistent for sixty years. I mean the composition changed. We've become more multi ethnic and more multi more multiracial sure but also multi-religious. We're there's a plurality of religions pluralism so thing but that number stayed still seventy percent by the late nineties so since the turn of the century it's dropped off precipitously to forty seven percent and it's correlated to age and i didn't get into the geographic breakdown.

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