Was Elon Musks SNL Hosting Gig Cheugy?

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Elon. Musk hosted saturday night. Live this weekend full disclosure. I watched the opening monologue. And i watched the very first sketch jesse hospital and then i milli to because it started getting really crazy and i didn't waste my time but i know you soldiered on watched a vast vast majority of the show. So how was it. Yes so you know. This is kind of interesting moment. i think that on. Snl we're more used to seeing people from the entertainment industry you know assumed the mantle of host and so to have you mask as the sort of you know cultural figure in tech giant. Come on and i think give people a little bit more open. Look at his personality was was kind of interesting. He appeared in most of the sketches. He did a monologue. As kind of traditionally one does and yet did everything from play himself in a sketch to a play warrior l. And a bunch of other stuff in between so the is interesting. 'cause you you mentioned mostly hosts are entertainers comedians Tv movie actors and this is a tech exec Shows about the cult of personality. There i know there was some backlash ahead of the show. What he was announced and even some of the cast members of through a little shade atom. Tober what what that was like. Why was that backlash sure. So we know that elon. Musk no stranger to controversy. And in more recent times you know. He's kind of a provoked criticism and whatnot for some comments that he made regarding the vaccine. And so there was as you mentioned this kind of flap with multiple cast members Throwing shade him and other folks just kind of questioning the decision to this moment in time. Give such a broad platform to someone who had made these types of

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