'Boxing News' ft. Combat Sports Insider Deon Clubbs (Ball & Buds Podcast Episode #13)

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Big terence crawford fan elephant in the room. Is we all want to see the task. Force earl spencer. Who is tasked. Crawford's bob arum aerospace is now heyman so let's pbc de espn top rank two different companies. And they don't talk that. Well bob air hill talk to somebody like eddie hearn's who's matchbox and that's why we're going to have the fury verse. Anthony joshua fight which will be happening soon helping the site but pack. I mean he has won. The belts task cropper. Only has one belt. Its way for our task offer to pillow more emphasis on how necessary that fight is to unify. Forty-seven welterweight division. I think if pack. Yeah winds i mean. Sorry one of the best boxers of all time but if he beats terence crawford somehow he'll solidified himself as how pound. I mean this may weather and then pack. Y'all right there for this generation. Yeah dan i honestly think that terence crawford will not come with the same protests when keith armand fault pack. Y'all was outclass outmatch. I'm saying a right now first clubs bangers clubs bangers on the list i care score for will win this fight In might go the distance. But i think tears crawford will will have pack yao dump by lisa sixth or seventh round. He starts a little later and then he wants he figures you out it's over with in pac l. Might be rabbi. He might be there with calmer. Gregor the wraps might be sectional. They all my internet things about life thing about how much they drink tonight before. Who knows what. I think pat will be going to sleep. Who could slum writer six or sound around that fight and crawford who have to belts. It'll be more if assist as far as him fighting Earl spencer fight really needs to happen for you have just one chance. I don't like all these these all. These belts and safety and buys are fine but we want one undisputed champion and had way divisions got right there startling towards that path with a anti josh will sisa fury and i think the wealth way forty seven trend towards that way hopefully by next year once cry a patio like trash that he has dispose disposable. Jettison get out here. that's to happen by next year. Oh yeah my brother. I completely agree. We got to have that match. We boxing match in our lives and i agree. I believe that terraced coffer will stop mini. Pack y'all i believe many we'll put up a good fight but yeah i don't think he has what it takes. I think he's a little too old to stop. Terence crawford crawford at the ball in booths. Podcasts he's really good. And i really like him and so yeah i think he's gonna stop him and i i hope so. I'm very excited. So we can have him versus like you said errol spence and see that joint in twenty twenty two fo the win- anyways so we have a huge fight coming up either this year next year. The heavyweight division is finally consolidating and we have tyson fury versus anthony joshua which will be the biggest fight in u. k. boxing history. So my friend. Tell me how we feel about the heavyweight division. How well they're doing art. We can't okay. Starts out first of all omar. Would you

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