Gina Marks: Gypsy Psychic Con Artist


Gina mark story gina. Marks is a psychic. She's a self proclaimed psychic that basically duped people out of well in this case three hundred and forty thousand dollars from about five clients. But it's said to be anywhere into the millions with her so she so we're gonna get right into this one so i'm going to start with a miss marx's background she is romani the started in florida so this is a florida story. You know high love that state. They're always got love it or tech. I know right like every single time. I don't know why those states just have all the fraud. i don't know maybe vegas to. I don't know but anyway. She basically grew up in her culture. Romani people so that's a nice way of saying gypsies a So because i thought all them you know they died out at some point in the eighteen. Hundreds i don't know but like i guess they're still around. Yeah in pretty who live and kicking so But anyway so she's a gypsy issues. The mother of three her family was actually involved in a lot of psychic fraud. Her mom was in trouble in the nineties. Oh yeah i mean. I noticed that as a pattern is well you know with all of our crazy fraud stories here that you know. There's always some sort of like family ties or just kinda runs in the family or something. I guess to be a c- fraudster. Now you you see what you see what. They're doing that and make sense. Oh they they're successful in doing it separate jail time. I don't know right. Yeah so she lived a lavish lifestyle of course and it is said to be that. She's profited in like the millions with all of our victims now. Her victims unfortunately a really hard to find because like a lot of them are so embarrassed by this. I

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