What is Comparisonitis? The Difference Between Healthy and Unhealthy Comparison

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Itis is when we compare ourselves to others and in talks unhealthy way and we make it means something about ourselves like. I'm good enough. I'm not smart enough. I am less than that other person. So that is comparison itis and a majority of people are suffering with it right now. There is healthy comparison and there is unhealthy comparison and a lot of us a suffering with the unhealthy comparison. So like with all of my books. I write them for myself. Because i'm dealing with that at that time in my life and comparison itis was something that i was definitely dealing with whilst i was riding i was suffering the worst of the worst case of comparison. Itis i was constantly comparing myself to others on social media in my friendship circle. All of these women who were getting pregnant around me quite quickly and it took my husband and i eighteen months so that was a huge eighteen month battle of severe comparison itis and i remember the one day i was scrolling instagram whilst i was on the toilet and as you do as you do i was. I came across this new york times. Bestselling author who had just ridden her hundredth book and Was again a new york times bestseller. And i found myself comparing myself to her. You know why why on my books new york times still is like. I'm not good enough. Maybe my writings notice good. What's going on. And i went into this really unhealthy toxic spiral of comparison itis and then i came back upstairs to my and i sat down on my computer and i got an email from this beautiful girl. Who was telling me that. She's writing her first book. And did i have any words of wisdom for her because she was comparing herself to me and she said you know. I'm comparing myself do you. You've written so many bestselling books. And i had this lightbulb moment. That here i was comparing myself to someone else whilst someone else was comparing themselves to me. It's like this vicious cycle. And i realized in that moment that we're all comparing ourselves to each

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