Breaking the Chain: The Story of Fleetwood Mac


Mac are a british american. Rock band formed in london in nineteen sixty seven. The band's original members were guitarist. Peter green drummer mick. Fleetwood guitarist jeremy spencer and bassist. John mcphee would surname was merged with the nickname of john. Mack mcvay to form the name of the band who were initially a blues band managed by clifford davis so danny kerman join as a third guitarist in nineteen sixty eight in keyboardist christine perfect. Who contributed as a session. Musician from the second album married. John mcvie and joined the band in nineteen seventy and then from there on out. She was christine. Mcvie all three guitarists of the man left in succession during the early nineteen seventy s to be replaced by guitarist. Bob welsh and bob weston. Along with vocalist dave walker. So the three guys that left. Peter green had a pretty massive addiction to lsd and he was later diagnosed schizophrenic. Yeah a little bit of a spiral. After that jeremy spencer abruptly quit to join the religious cult called the children of god. I know about the children of god. Yes yes yes like. They had traveled to america. They were unto were then he was like i'm going to. I'm going to stay here. I'm gonna call in this call up and let's see and then during dany kirwin actually got fired and now considered to be a minor incident. I'm he trashed his dressing room and refused to go onstage for a show and they fired him man so the ban. You know the the lineup has been a little bit in turmoil. In nineteen seventy-three either remaining members of fleetwood. Mac told their manager cliff davis that they needed a break from touring and instead of making that happen. Davis decided to hire a fake version of the band under the same name. Play the tour dates that the real band didn't make that's and the whole incident resulted in a lawsuit over who owned the band's name so davis booked. Us dates for the all new fleetwood mac from mid january to late february nineteen seventy four so when the fake fleetwood mac walked into their first show. Venue outside of pittsburgh actually in a place called the syria mosque. The venue promoter refused to put them onstage. 'cause he was like those are not fleetwood mac no but they play anyway And only about a dozen people ask for refunds and so they kept going and then apparently it like the next big venue. They played in new york city. People were like this is in fleetwood mac and they like they kind of they caught.

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