A highlight from Episode 73 - Oregon Trail, Hillenbrand Brewery and Chicken Noodle Soup Popsicles


Robin episode. It's the only reason really. did this. Show is to make seventy three and we might just stop here because it's so it's my favorite number. We're celebrate this episode by troy's going to read off some dennis rodman fun facts. Let's see what you got there. So dennis rodman after he graduated high school. No college woman to play because he's only five eleven at the time so he went to go work at the airport and he actually got fired from the airport for stealing watches because he got dared to do it by some of the other people. That worked writ. Also he was contemplating suicide in craig's saker actually tracked him down at a strip club and had a heart to heart with him and he has where everyone has their heart. It's the best place in the late. Ninety three he had three games. We had over twenty four rebounds and zero points and the last one. I have down here the same night as the flu game were jordan went off and scored all those points while having the flu rodman actually got fined fifty thousand dollars which i think is one of the highest fines ever for talking bad about the jazz fans because he didn't know that mormon was a religion is what he said when he was asked why he said what he said about those fans. Greatest free rounder all time. Maybe the greatest north korean diplomat that we have as well. I read another thing. He was late to opening of the stadium was supposed to be out of us thirty minutes late because he was dining hair blond and it took a lot longer than he thought. It was gonna take dennis rodman hair. That's just a part of part of time that we're gonna miss out on. Nobody does that anymore. It's basically gold dust but played. Actually take that back. I think willie cauley stein is trying to take over the dennis rodman hair department. But he can't rebound or play basketball very well that the hair thing he's trying. I guess he's your best so let's transition from dennis rodman to mother's day as one. Does they go hand in hand. I always say when. I think of one i always think of the other so we got mother's day coming up on sunday. We celebrating with our our mother and our wives are baby mamas That's what we call. We call can't and then our grandma g g g g we're going do a little something some form you'll see on our social media all this week we'll have some of the pictures of the stuff that we're doing for them but we have a big shout out to our mom and our wives being awesome. Moms to us into our kids. You guys are awesome. Awesome an awesome very nice. And if you can't tell this week no guess it's just the two spivey brothers it's gonna get weird. A lot of weirdness x. Certain take off his shirt and i don't know how to feel about it. It's a three hour process. So it'll be still mostly on by the end of the podcast. Basically like gilligan's island except for shirts all right well on that note. Let's take a quick break and we're gonna come back with remember that thing. Hey remember that thing. The moon landing jazz trapper keepers manners. Alf sunny d. yeah. I remember those things all right this week. Four remember that. You're talking about a video game classic. The first video game many of us played especially on a computer. We're talking about oregon trail this week. I think the biggest memory. I have of organ trail is just one to two times getting to walk down from the classroom down to the old computer lab. Those big old box computers. Getting a play organ trail lemmings. But today we're talking about organ trail now. We played a lot of different versions of this game because they kept updating at the game originally was released in one thousand nine hundred. Seventy one which you can only imagine what that looks like on a computer. It was all text based to go hunting. You type like boom and powell like it's a comic book or something that man based on how quick you type it you you kill your animal or whatever but evolved to the point where we were able to play with a mouse and a keyboard and actually see things on the screen. I think when i i played it was just green text black screen with green tax. Yeah you type in certain things and then involved to the point where you can be is basically a first person shooter when you're hunting but we'll talk about that here in a little bit later. Definitely a big part of our childhood of all of the games that we got to play in those early computers like odell lake number muncher. Those odeal don't under. That's a good one. We had to take over the lakers. The original i don't know about that. Well you to get off there all right. Let's get into oregon trail on kind of break down the game. The game is to make it from like missouri or somewhere. There's a couple of different places you could start from depending on which version of the game you played and you gotta make your way across the country. I make it all the way to oregon hence organ trail on the trail on the trail to oregon. Now when you start out with oregon trail you gotta make a lotta choices. It's basically just a game of choices that they give you basically dungeons and dragons basically doesn't dragons yeah. I didn't even think about that. But if you answer enough questions right if all the rules you pay attention to people you make all the way from snakes. You also get points at the end depending on how well you do just making to. The end was good enough for me. I only did that a handful of times. I didn't even know there was points. Yeah it's also a game where there's no saves so you gotta do it. All the way through it takes about an hour which means most computer lab sessions did not give you enough time to make it to the end. No you're quick and fast in a lot of real quick decisions so first decision. You gotta make banker carpenter farmer. You have to choose. What your prior jobless banker gives you the most money but you have no skills which sounds about right carpenter you can fix stuff have some money or farmer where you basically just have like no money or no skills. Either you get triple points if you pick farmer. If you make at the end. I was with carpenter. Dad always go carpenter had needed to be fixed. That's for sure. Yeah we're going to bring it's morgan's throughout this trump then an oxygen. Nope it's so you also have to pick how many oxen the bring with you. Now you only get a limited about of money so if you're the farmer you don't have a lot of choices on how many get to bring the one you need at least six. Just go so you can bring more. So that's one part of the strategy. You have to choose when the leave what time you leave too soon. It's too cold. The sars really long by the time you make it to like you and your party gets really hot. You leave too late. It's wintertime in your donor

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