Interview With Dr. Laura Forese, COO, New York Presbyterian


Welcome to our women's history month series on skimmed from the couch. Where we're telling you about the women who made history. This past year. Dr laura for east joins us on today's episode. She's the chief operating officer of new york presbyterian one of the largest nonprofit hospitals in the country on her leadership newyork presbyterian has been on the front lines fighting the covid nineteen pandemic since last year. Dr freeze thank you so much for joining us and welcome to skin from the couch so much. It's great to be with you. Your resume is very long as as i think. Doctors and chief operating officers at ten to be wants one job or when experience. You've had that means the most you. I started wanting to be a doctor from the time i was a little girl so it really is about for patients. But i really have shifted. After i was in practice for about ten years. i'm orthopedic surgeon. And i moved to become a fulltime hospital executive. Because i thought i'd be able to have more impact in so now is the chief operating officer of big hospital system. My job is really to make sure that the business runs so that our doctors nurses have everything that they need to do what they do best which is care for our patients so in some ways come full circle from where i thought i was going to be when i was a little girl. How did you know that you wanted to be in medicine when you were a kid. You know carly i have no real good answer for that it just from the time. It was a little girl. I thought that would be a great job. Every kid knows what a doctor is. They're going to help you get better and i was say my parents were always very encouraging. I don't have doctors in my family. But i had that as a little girl and i stuck with it when reading about you. What stood out is that you have one of the things that many that stood out was that early on in your residency twins. And i know everything there to know about med school residencies. Because i've seen grace anatomy. So i am very very educated on your fields. I still watch it. So i feel like i'm right in there but i want you to take us back to to that time. What was that time like for you. Especially at a time when there were very few women in orthopedics. Well let me start with there. Were very few women in medical school class. Unlike today where we have more women medical students than men. It was unusual then and i chose a field that had very few women in it.

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