More Covid-19 Vaccine Production Sites Have Been Approved in the E.U.


Approved three additional facilities to produce vaccines for Coben 19. Only about 10% of people in the European Union have received the first toast compared with 22% in the United States. Teri Schultz reports. The EU blames part of its slow vaccine roll out on a lack of supply. The European Medicines Agency has granted its approval for additional production sites in Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland to help with the shortfall in vaccines. A new facility in Marburg, Germany, will join one and Poor's Belgium for producing the Fizer by on tech vaccine. The active ingredient in the AstraZeneca shot will now be produced in the Dutch city of Lighten, joining three other facilities and Madonna will add new manufacturing capacity in this Switzerland. European regulators have also approved allowing the visor vaccine to be transported and stored at lower temperatures than previously authorized. While this will reduce the life span of the doses, it will make it possible for pharmacists to keep the vaccines in their freezers and is expected to aid the distribution campaign for NPR news. I'm Teri Schultz in

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