Phil Jackson blames Carmelo Anthony for the downfall of the Knicks


Phil. Jackson was on a podcast with kobe. Carl carl's son. And he blamed the knicks failures during his tenure. There on carmelo anthony's lack of leadership. Is this a big deal or no deal. Well he didn't just blame it on. Carmelo anthony lack of leadership. He blamed it on everyone but himself. He blamed it on the new york media. He blamed carmelo anthony. He blamed derek fisher. Although there fisher. Does you know we love fisher on here. But he does deserve that one but he blamed on like five different people anyone but him he said. I should have coached the team but physically couldn't do it from a health perspective. I mean dog. You know what. I mean like the greatest coach of all time just because you weren't a good gm. We're not all good at everything. So i would say big deal only because he just like let it out on everybody but himself i feel like i got a glimpse into who he is as a coach to like. I always wondered if he fully appreciated how blessed he was to coach the men that he coached and to me. I'm not saying this is definitive but for me when you show an inability to take responsibilities for your thoughts right that suggest you have an ability to take too much credit for your successes correct. And so when. I am that quote i was like. I knew you didn't think that you were lucky to get jordan. Utah jazz looking to have you

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