Dr. Mehmet Oz Says Waist Size Matters Far More Than Weight


Is back and he claims this is what he says. He has the real weapon against fat. Don't we want to know what that and the best way to lose it once and for all he says that the key to achieving the best for you not jennifer aniston's body but for you as less to do with your weight and everything to do with your waistline or the reason we measure weight is because it's easy to do but it's actually misleading in many ways. First of all a lot of muslim people out there who way a lot right yeah. Muscle weighs more than fat. That's why fat floats hearing that as a kid. And that's one of the missing parts about measuring you wait alone. Plus doesn't tell you where the fat is the fats down your thighs. That'll cost you some dates. But it's not gonna cost you your life the fat here here. This is the fact that going to hurt you. And that's what we're gonna talk about today. Okay and why does this hurt you. Because deep inside they're not just beneath the skin. Deep inside is an oregon. That actually is right around all of your bodily organs your liver your stomach and everything else. It's pushes them okay. So what's a healthy waste while woman and then for man the ideal waste for a female under thirty two and a half inches young say that today for a guy what is for guys should be under thirty five inches. There's one yeah really under thirty five. That should be the idea. Waste and as you get more than that that costs you years of life and so these are points that are critically important for folks to get through. Because you're gonna keep a number to focus on. It's not your weight. it's your waist size. Okay so what did you

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