A highlight from 1522: How to Stay Consistent With Your Diet & Workout

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Break. That's how you get the discount. You know what i t's for a lot is the talking about myself thing. I think it's like a narcissistic side of me. But you know what it really is as trainer. It's more it's coming from more of an empathetic place. Right like i i would. I would tell my story and my failures. You understand right relate more right client but not everybody receives it that way. You know that Like some people like look like goes. Adam wants to talk about himself but it's really not that way. It was like you learn to do that. As a as a trainer with clients is to make yourself relatable tomba. How awesome. I did this. I did that you being awesome is just. That's i mean. Of course that's but that's not the point. Just kinda how it happens. That just happens to be the thing but you tell us knowledge true anyways anyways all right. Let's talk about we're talking today so for sure I was just talking to somebody about Competing and They were asking me like you know we're all what's the secret. You're the secret sauce too. You know getting in that in incredible shape. And i said you know what like it's the it's the answer that nobody wants to hear that everybody's heard a million times and even myself getting into the space like i was really excited. I thought like you know. I'm going to get into the competitive world. I'm going to be hanging out with the one. Percenters in the in the bodybuilding community. Whatever the people with the best physiques in the world like these are going to be the smartest people when it comes to nutrition and exercise science. I'm gonna learn a lot. Like i was so i really was. I went into it with that attitude. And i was really let down That that wasn't the case at all and another take something from some of the very smart people that are doing that. I'm not saying like everybody was dumb. But what i realized quickly was the one thing that they all had in. Common was their ability to be consistent. They're disciplined and focus and ability to walk in on a goal and just completely shut everything else out and be very very into the most important factor for fitness success. There is no factor. There is no component more important. No controllable component. That's more important than consistency. What's that saying. You say all the time. Well A subpar routine done consistently is always going to outperform a consistent. Sorry an inconsistent excellent program so you workout can be incredible. You can have the best program the world all a maps program but if it's inconsistent it's not going to perform as well as one. That's not as good. That's done consistently. This is a one hundred percent true for nutrition and for fitness and exercise consistencies. The most important thing and as trainers this is what we really started to figure out it was. How do i get my client to learn how to be consistent. And i know that most people listening and watching right now know what i'm talking about. If you can think back to when you were in the best shape of your life you would just really consistent is compared to when you were not that great shape you would just not is consistent. That's it so if you're going to focus on anything at all and all the other factors are important. Don't get me wrong. A good workout makes a big difference. You know the types of foods we are also very important so those are all very important things but the most important thing that you should focus on is how to become doggedly consistent day in and day out and there is a formula that will give you success with this and it's not what you think. It's just interesting because everybody kind of knows that's like. Oh yeah we'll of course but what else you know in really you wanna skip right over that so simple but yet. It's not easy to actually go through that process and be disciplined. And i i was thinking a lot about You know in bodybuilding in that being sport and really like the discipline of that sport is you know all the characteristics of why. It's such a difficult sport because it it's such a an intense level that i think a lot of people just aren't willing to go through that i know a lot of people get like. You know offended or riled up when when people call buddy craig right. Craig's competed and he's he's also played. Its right yeah. It's not to say that i disagree.

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