As Cases Surge in Seattle, COVID-19 Testing Extended at Rainier Beach and West Seattle

KUOW Newsroom


A surge in covid nineteen cases has hit the seattle area and it's causing an about face in the city strategy. The city was about to close to testing sites. But now says it's too early for that k. u. o. ws page browning has more in the last two weeks more than seven hundred people in seattle have tested positive for covid nineteen. The case rate is higher than it's been for the past two months when it comes to average new cases per week and there's a hot spot in the city the university district and neighborhood surrounding it specifically the city's documented outbreaks in the nine eight one zero five and nine one five zip codes. This means all four of the city run. Cova testing sites are staying open mayor. Jenny durkan wanted to make two of them vaccine sites. But that's on hold

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