Killing of Salvadoran Refugee by Police in Mexico Incites Furor


A warning to our audiences includes graphic description of police violence. This coming protests have erupted in mexico over the police. Killing of victoria a thirty six year old salvadoran woman and mother of two who'd been living in mexico with the humanitarian visa. Four police officer from the coastal city of them have been charged with femicide after an autopsy concluded that her neck had been broken while in custody videos published by mexican media. Show one of the four officers who arrested salazar kneeling on her back pinning. Her against the pavement cries out she lays on the pavement faced down handcuffed unconscious. Three other cops looked on before they eventually pick her up motionless her body and put her in the back of a police car before driving away. The salazar's mother. Rosa bellotti as-as speaking from el salvador. Being young feel indignation. I feel so powerless in angry. Who these justice for my daughter victoria. Salazar had reportedly lived in mexico since at least two thousand eighteen when she was granted refugee status

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