Are Demotivators Preventing You From Achieving Your Health Goals?



So let's talk about the motivators and how they play a big role in preventing us from achieving our health and wellness goals with the sba. More confident whether that's being more happy whether that's been becoming more self aware. What have you health and wellness goals are. We will talk about them. He said i d motivated present themselves as obstacles and adversity that prevents us from moving forward and just show up is the following. Sorry first and foremost lack of motivation or goal in the first place that means we stopped from deep water and the middle of the ocean and haven't learn how to swim so it's gonna be a real struggle to come back to the school. That's what lack of a goal or motivation is pretty much this presents. This can be present when you're thrust into an environment or edged towards a goal that doesn't really align with what you want to achieve. Enough has no personal reason for you to changes nothing really interfere. It doesn't really mean anything to you. You'll often find lack of motivation. Ease around that type of gold but there are also other factors besides lack of ovation. Or having a personal reason to change it actually can inhibit you and motivate you and prevent you from moving forward even though you desire it so sorry much and the biggest one and you'll army you'll understand. This is true and returning rate is on you'll You'll know this fish oil. But if you're a new listener self-doubt do i deserve. This is something that i've struggled with that in a monologue that you have with yourself where you begin to question. If you'll ever succeed telling you that you should just give up of lived it. I continue to live in. I have that imposter syndrome. You know i'm a lot more confident. Happy that i've ever been but still have that self-doubt rear its head from time to time. And this is one of the biggest d. motivators that you can experience

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