Thought of the Day: Leadership is not about you


Leadership is not about you then it will be about you. Welcome to today's leadership. Thought of the day brought to you by the leadership lifestyle podcast. I know that sounds kind of backwards. That leadership is not about you. You just got in charge of something or maybe you're a well known leader in they give you bigger responsibility in. You're like okay. I got to lead this team. And i'm the one who's they're looking at a focal point all that kind of stuff but truly the art of building a great organization is making it about them building your team creating legacy leaders people to follow behind you so you take the focus off of you and put it on your team as a group and individually. That's when the growth really starts happening but then it becomes apparent that you're a great leader but it isn't about you. It's about what you've left behind. So today's leadership thought of the day brought to you by the leadership lifestyle. Podcast grow yourself just a little bit

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