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And welcome back at is April 7th and we have something really cool to share with you guys today and it's based on frankly some coats Julian. I've been doing for a long period of time but we've intermingled it into social networking stuff and it's basically it's called moments of Truth. What does your profile say about you in this? So I think it's very timely discussion because we did go through on our clubhouse. What was it yesterday? We went through as many people who would you know volunteered to have their profiles reviewed and it was fascinating how some of them were completely a mess jointed confusing and confusing right and they were sending and I don't think they realize the ramifications of what they were saying about themselves in these profiles. They didn't really think about that and they've got me wondering and obviously got you wondering as well. How many other places are these folks coming in contact with, you know through their profiles through with prospective clients. I mean, I remember you told me Story a while ago just to make kind of put make this a fun topic opposed to a boring topic. But how you had a coaching client or you had somebody was in Premier coaching who was having some particular change and it was elevated to the point where you had to help the person and prior to the call Un line and you were searched this person sure and you found out on LinkedIn all these other things they were essentially not just selling state but they also had a side business of selling earthworms red worms red worms. Red worms. Com bedroom. Okay. There you go. What you just gave afriad to them. Yeah. the same person also was evidently a huge UFO enthusiasts and was talking to the separate client. That was a separate one. Okay, so it's a claim number one I was Actually looking up their email address and had something to do with red worms. And then I that was a rabbit hole. I followed and in terms of doubt that they were really into fishing now. I remember so their their work their real estate email address was like Betty at home said words. Yes and Betty thought well, maybe her world. That was perfectly fine. I mean I didn't have the thought like okay, maybe maybe your center of influences fisherman. Maybe I can run with that. But you know the thing what is a moment of truth you said that's the title of our podcast a moment of truth is a 30-second or less snapshot of you and so what was my first impression was this person really in real estate is the deal with this now client number two. I can't remember what the issue was, but I do like to research clients ahead of time and look at your profiles and stuff like that. This was a gal who was leading with and sometimes you suck when I say leading with like what is that prevailing image of you? Some of you don't realize that because you're so in the world, right? So what was she leading with alien abduction I kid you not it was site after site talking bird. Story and she I mean she was obviously very serious about having been abducted by aliens. So good or bad. We're not judging people who thinks they've been you know, whatever that's fine. But when was that that was more prevalent do anything to do with real estate. Right? So if Julie had been Googling the gal for the sake of basically maybe thinking about doing a transaction with her and they you know, the, you know, Julius or prospective clients stumbled across that type of thing. I'm going to guess in most cases that's going to make people may be second-guessed doing business with that you know, keep scanning for somebody else, right, you know, so it's not that these clients are bad people or bad agents. It's just that that it was their public-facing Persona and I guarantee you especially in competitive situations, which many of you don't realize you're competing when you actually are cuz you don't use a prequel script but especially in a competitive situation where maybe the husband knows somebody the wife knows somebody and maybe they also know that agent that sold in the house. They're going to Google everybody and they're going to see what have you been up to it feeling like you're full time. It's Human Nature. Sure to try to rule somebody in I'm sorry real somebody out before they ruled them in. Yes. So everyone naturally goes through and they're making a decision who to do business with everyone naturally thinks okay. Why shouldn't I do business with this person? Most people are you know, they lead with there being a being a skeptic even subconsciously. They wouldn't necessarily say that but in their head that's what's going on. We're totally makes sense. I mean that basically will protect you from making some mistakes and if you then just determine somebody who is you know, I sell red worms, or whatever it maybe that's not the person I want to call out to list my house, you know, because evidently that person might not be as serious as say for example, you know Bob at you know, Bob's realestate.com. It's a snap judgment. It's a 30-second little snippet. It's a moment of truth. Right? So we're going to we're going to go through you are down six really great points and we're going to go through all these points and not going to give you guys the real drill down on what action steps you need to be taking immediately. And you know, the funny thing is we go through this Julie. I remember we presented this information so many different ways. I'm sure this isn't our book to home. But it just like back in the nineties and we sold real estate. There are so few moments of Truth. Really that's true and Below pastry it was there would be your for sale sign. It would be a home brochure. It would be how you answered. The phone said well hell if you answered the phone, it would be how long it took for you to call people back those little moments of Truth where you came and Direct in contact with consumers and I remember actually do you remember where this original concept came from? I think Howard Howard Burton sucks. And so do you I remember at the star power event and this I remember this very clearly we were in it was in the nineties and we were he was doing he always did a star power Retreats and this is a very high profile Elite group of at the time was like maybe thirty five or fifty agents and Howard would have these it was usually in January. He'd have these Retreats and they'd always be at a Ritz-Carlton some place and it was way too expensive.

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