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We talked to founders about their breakthrough products. We talked to the biggest influencers and artists in the beauty industry about their top tips. And we also do review episode called the damn goods which is what we're up to today. Honestly the double cleanse show was so much fun like i still was out loud when i was listening back to james and robert when they were on our show las week. So just love the pod community. You know what i mean. Yeah i love them. I think that was a great crossover cross atlantic crossover and hopefully everybody loved the celebrity beauty episode and then we also talked about the conic moments in beauty history on their show so if you missed it definitely jump in and check it out. Yeah we had a lot of fun so on. Today's show and really the whole topic of today show is like body. Yati yada yada yada yada products. Because there's so many and it's finally april it's top season and you know. I think that there's just been yes. Of course lots of products to buy. But i think there's just a lot of talk in the ether right now up as and you and i were like slotting into each other's dm's yesterday yes so this this might be a little triggering for some. It was cheering for me. Which is why you know. I sent it to you because it was all about the snap back that some prominent like influencers and models are experiencing post baby and being a mother myself. I was just like wow. How is that even possible. Yeah it was a little. It was just like a little. I don't know it just made me feel a certain way. Yes i mean. I understand that. I think i have such a different outlook on those types of people and when they're like eleven days post birth and the like they're promoting the daca taught in the background and like the daca taught is like the size of a thumbnail urges so far out of the shot. And all you do is like look at the perfect like torso. But i just think those people and models the same way. They're just like kind of freaks of nature and so i don't actually put a lot of stock into it at all and like lereah or illyria baldwin or whatever she's going by right now like same thing like that's what she's famous for having a lot of babies and bouncing back to do yoga the next day and just gets like kind of it's almost laughable because just not real life yep i think ed's definitely a positive attitude i mean. It was interesting because the link you sent me which was from not skinny but not fat yard catch her post and she had even said in the post. I guess we should say who it is out there as public The models am. I don't remember. But she had said like 'em rata amerada and she was like. I can't believe the feedback. How many people are commenting on this. Like people were just had so much to say. And i was reading some comic and so she was wearing a pajama as silk. Pajama like an open blouse. And a bottom and it says like her stomach was basically concave and like you said she had just delivered a baby. And so yeah. Some people were like great. Get a girl. Like if i were you. I would be robbing banks. I'd be doing this that and nobody would even touch me and other people are going where i come from. That's called showing off like pie right and it did seem like showing off and i think that that to me is what what kind of got me. Because it's one thing to just show up on instagram. Do your thing and hey you snap back great good for you but to do the kind of like peeking through the blouse you have to realize when you have the size of an audience that that's going to trigger some people right. That's like that's her intrusion. This is also the woman who is. She's extremely outspoken. About body positivity amerada is and you know she was comfortable being the blurred lines girl showing her breast in that robin thicke video right and she should be amazing. I was like if i look like that. I do the same. I don't know yeah well that could be true. I just feel like again as a mom and having to like work so hard to try to back as just like you wanna be happy for all women and their bodies. But i think for another perspective as well. I was scrolling through instagram and saw like a friend through the industry. Who's who does not look like that at all and was like being really real about you know trying to by q. Clothes for summer and having it arrive and it being really disappointed and she was just like shaking it often dancing and having a good time and like showing everything and being like the struggle is real but every day you know i just try to like reaffirm and that kind of thing and i think one thing that i saw through those comments through amerada was a lot of people who were just like like you said like be happy for her. Like all bodies great. Be happy for your own body. If it's healthy you've got a great body. And i think with that says to me because we're you and i jeweler of a certain age is that there is a change going on in the mindset and i think that's that was the silver lining that i saw in all of this and that's definitely what we want to promote what i aspire to myself. I have my high moments by low moments but having said all that. We're talking about body audiology today. And whatever you've got flaunted girl. And i think when it comes to beauty products which is what. We're gonna be talking about today. You know this is all optional. We're gonna be talking about hair removal around the bikini line. If you want that we're gonna be talking about glistening and glossing the legs like that makes me feel good looking like i have a little bit of ten but it's optional and to be honest in the that's even weirder and weirder to me these days i'm like do i really need to try to look like a different color than i am. So yeah all with a grain of salt. But i a little zhang makes everyone feel great. And that's what we're talking about today especially in the springtime. I just feel like. I need to like the winter. And so like. Get out of these body products out. It makes me excited. Because they're new things to try and basically by using a lot of these products that we're gonna talk about today. I know that. I'm gonna have other wardrobe choices. I so sick of everything. That's in my closet. I just like need to burn my sweatpants at this point.

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