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Podcast all about a road trip at the height of the pandemic and following a vision that everywhere is the new local. Rabbi jeff and mindy glickman got an rv and set out to visit remote synagogues and rural united ways across the us over the course of one month and twelve thousand miles. Jeff and mindy made new friends had fresh insights on the car and never once entered a building. Find the fantastic tour to the wonderful wherever you get your podcast. Hey guys it's msci you know it just so happens that for the last three or four years passover as fallen during our offseason. So it's been a long time since we got to mark what is many would say one of the absolute highlights of the jewish calendar out tomorrow. Of course people around the world will gather around. Said they'll tables. Some of them will be real tables with real people and some of them will sadly still be virtual ones with folks stuck in little square zoom boxes on the screen and here it is real story decided that even though were in between seasons we want to be there together with you to share something you might be able to think about. Maybe even disgusts of your said. They'll tables so today. We bring you a sneak preview of season. Six the story that will be in one of our upcoming episodes but that we thought was especially meaningful to also pre-release today on the eve of passover. Because it's a story of an exodus story of an ongoing search for a place to call home so without further ado here. Is marie hoda with land of promises when people ask me where my home is I find it quite hard to unser but i originally come from south sudan. That's that's that's where. I know. I come from but i don't really know where my home is. That's christina christina zia. She's tall has bleached cut hair. Dark skin and fierce is. That somehow don't seem to match shyness of her smile. She's nineteen years old but listening to her. You'd think she was much older. Or maybe i should say much more mature. I just feel. I've been so many places and every time they tried to call a. Place my hall. It was snatched away from me. Christina was born a refugee in fact. She's what un agencies call a second generation refugee and as is the case with many other refugees. It's hard to know where exactly to start her story. I could go all the way back to one thousand nine hundred ninety eight. When christina's parents to clean and philip took their three year old first born daughter viola and fled war-torn sudan. Search of a safer future this time might genocide could attorney typically begin in beirut lebanon where the bas wound up and where in two thousand and one christina was born or else i could fast forward a few years and starred in maadi a bustling suburb of cairo where christina spent her early child but instead i'm going to open with a scene which to christina to felt like a true beginning a modern day exodus from egypt. It's june two thousand and seven and wearing the sinai peninsula. It's pitch black night bedouin. Smugglers have just instructed. Six year old christina twelve-year-old viola.

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