A highlight from We Made It Weird #31


You walk made it weird with the gross weirdos was smack in my lapses what's happening because this one's a tasty vessel pitas in a mood today. It's in the mood for nude as we like to say he. Sharon's not it's not a bad mood. It's very fun mood. But it's Let's not sports here. They wanna listen. This one on half speed. Yeah it's pretty balanced because we'll thank you. i'm exhausted. I'm ready for a nap with a k. The extra ks for keep it crispy so you get the gist. This is just if this is the vibe. You're into right now. You can continue to this episode. Yes otherwise you might just want to put it in your back pocket for win. You have the band when ballots here to balance always to be brilliant as always and the poem holy shit wow knocked must knocks. There's talks in the end is for niba crosby. You're going to save get into it. Oh get into it even better. So you're better guys. Who are doing a live. You made it weird for the first time in in years and we're doing it over zoom and its name your price And it's on april tenth. And the tickets are at pete. Holmes dot com and the the guests musical gas matt burning her from the national and jason schwartzman from every great movie. That i've ever loved. yes absolutely. so that's gonna end. We'll be taking questions just like we do on this and questions for jason and it's going to be fun. Yeah so super frightening yes. Please join us.

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