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I want to talk about something. That's been concerning me for while google and online privacy. We've touched on this topic before but recently it's reared its ugly head again. It's come to light. The google who we already know collects an obscene amount of information is taking even more than we thought through their web browser. Google chrome on. Iowa's apple's recently made privacy labels mandatory forcing companies on apple devices to display. What information they collect from their users. Let me tell you. It's a lots between the most common web browsers chrome safari edge and fire fox by far chrome takes in the most information by far browsing history. Financial data location. History information about your phone. Your unique advertising. I d. that's the one to keep in mind advertising. That's what a lot of this comes down to. Why taken so much information. So they know what they can advertise to you. Google's ad revenue from twenty twenty was just shy of a hundred and fifty billion dollars. That's a single year. It's also about eighty percent of their hundred eighty billion dollars in total revenue all of the information they absorbed from their litany of sources helps them do a number of different things on the more useful end. They use it to customize the user experience they figure out how to improve your experience with their products connected programs make for easier use especially between different devices on a wider scale. They use it to fine-tune algorithms to be more accurate and efficient but on the other side and a bit more insidious they use it to target you with ads ads match based on everything they know about you to hopefully convince you to let go of some of your money now you may be thinking. They can't possibly know that much about me. And maybe you're right. Some people go through and on check every box. Never let google in as far as they'd like. It was only last june when google started setting those boxes to be off by default. If your account is older than that there's a good chance that all those settings protect privacy from google's specific is are still allowing them in and they'll keep that information indefinitely unless you tell them to delete it now if you have a second. Let's do a little experiment. If you have a google account head over to google clicker count in the top. Right navigate to manage your account and find add personalization if you have it set off congratulations. Google isn't collecting as much data about you. They still are but at least they're not using it to advertise to you if it's set to on however you'll see some interesting things now. This is something that i didn't even know about myself until recently my writer slash editor pointed it out to me. If you scroll down you can find all the little things that google thinks that knows about you as well as your interests. Here's a little bit about mind. Before i turned off my preferences. We'll go with the obvious ones. I according to google. I'm twenty five to thirty four years old. that's correct. I'm interested in audio equipment. Well obviously i'm interested in consumer electronics. Which i guess so I like dogs and cats now for some more obscure references. Some of those correct and some of those incorrect die-cast and toy vehicles. That was probably my children's search result. Honestly i don't remember searching for it. I may have but i don't think it was me custom and performance vehicles. That was definitely my kid. My eleven year old is super into all those sports cars and special cars out there. Fashion and style Well i mean maybe once google this i i don't remember and i don't particularly care about my fashion or style. That's why i'm on podcasts. Instead of on. tv. Here's the funniest parent not apparent right below it. I'm interested in parenting engine transmission. This is actually an impressive reference. I don't google this information often but the fact that it's recorded here is intriguing to me. Nintendo funnily enough. This seems to be a link to youtube. I don't recall googling anything directly related to nintendo. But i'm interested in it so they definitely got it right does google. Thank you like sports. You get a little button for sports. are you married. you get one for that. Have kids there it is. What is your job in. They'll make guests if the can. Are you a man or a woman. Well that they don't even have to guess. It's probably listed near account information. These are all basically you. These are just some of the things you let google. no it's not just trivia. It's identifying information. A lot of people share their name their face where they live all for convenience in exchange for knowing everything there is to know about you that they care about anyway they pick and choose the ads most likely for you to click on from a pool of the highest. Bidders was going to get you to spend money. What's going to make these advertisers. Continue to go through google and pay them another hundred and fifty billion dollars this year. Maybe that's all right with you. Some people do enjoy ads that they might want instead of the background noise of things. They're never going to buy. But i feel you should at least get to be the one who decides what information they have and are allowed to take us against you. Just remember when something is free you might not be paying with money but you are paying with something else.

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