The Hinterkaifeck Slaughter


On april fifth nineteen seventy two munich detective georg rind gruber arrived at hinder kaifaqu farm to a gruesome scene. Sixty four year old. Andreas gruber seventy two year. Old wife chillier there. Thirty five year old daughter victoria and their seven year old granddaughter to chill you. Juniors bodies were laying in the barn. They'd been bludgeoned to death. With a sharp object chillier. Juniors throat had also been slashed. The families forty four year old maid. Maria baumgartner and their two year old son yosef were found in their beds. Murdered the very same way. Detective ryan gruber suspected. It could have been a robbery turned violent between the nearby towns of grover and beethoven. There was no shortage of petty crime at hinder kayak. The gruber's often dealt with and even employed local thieves hyper inflation and unemployment was on the rise. Since the start of world war one most couldn't afford to live on legitimate wages so many resorted to desperate measures to stay alive. The gruber's couldn't be picky about their farmhands. World war one had killed thirteen percent of german men in there was a serious shortage of competent workers which could be why. The gruber's hired the bigler brothers. Anton and carl bixler had criminal pasts and were known around town as troublemakers. So in detective ryan gruber caught wind of their connection. To the gruber's they became some of his first suspects.

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