Stories from Elmswood Farm



Patrice newell has been a model and a news reader and a host of morning tv but after she moved to elmwood farm with her partner phillip adams the host of on abc radio patrice turned her energy and intellect to organic farming over last. Thirty years at elmwood patrice has been producing olive oil honey beef and her beloved golic growing and selling these products has at the same time being an education in learning how to take care of the land and restore to it some of the richness that olea farming practices and now karma change has stripped away betrays. His new book is who's minding the farm and in it. She describes herself as generally impatient and grumpy. So i guess that's a tentative welcome to conversations portrays on not feeling like today this year i can tell you that racial yes please. What's a typical day at elmwood at this time of year. Well i have to say the best thing about farming life is that the is no typical day. The thing that i love the most. And i think most of the people on the farm i love the most. Is that every day. Something new is thrown up so every day is unique. And that's the best thing at the moment because of the drought productions virtually stopped. So we're doing a lot of repair work. How early do you get up in the morning when you're at the farm. Well i've always been a morning persons. And i do naturally wake just before dawn. So depending window is. What's it like it at dolan perfect. It's this mission as so you meeting. The transition from not today

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