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Come to the promise. Podcast brought to you on t. v. one the voice of the city that had last week's election been held here and only here would have elected knesset in which the biggest party would be the centrist yishai tea party with twenty nine seats after that the likud have twenty two seats than labour with nineteen than merrill with eighteen than blue and white with fourteen and then get odin sars ultimately cooed. New hope party in victoria. Lieberman's anti ultra-orthodox. Fsu ish ucla team new party with five each. And then the right wing. Yeah mean party and ultra orthodox shas party with four each all the other parties would fall below the minimum election threshold. Ask them all up. And you're anti netanyahu. Parties would get ninety seats compared to thirty pro. Netanyahu's heats or if you wish you can have a very strong center-left coalition of asia teed labor merits and blue and white with eighty seats compared to forty seats on the right in that government reform. Rabbi gilad korea would be minister of religion labor party had mayorov me highly would be foreign minister. Minister of defence would be major general orna barbie vi- minister of environmental protection would be friend of the podcast alone. Tall and minister of justice would be brilliant. Human rights lawyer gaba laskey now for the sake of perspective if the election were held in jerusalem and jerusalem alone. The biggest party in the knesset would be nausea ultra orthodox torah judaism party with thirty seats. Then the likud with twenty-six then shos with twenty then the religious zionism party with twelve seats and then meena with nine then you chatted with seven followed finally by labor meretz blue and white and new hope with five seats each leading to a possible all religious coalition of sixty two made up of the two other orthodox parties and the far right religious zionist which governing coalition of sixty two would include three. Count them three women of whom if any of them are lesbians. They ain't told us yet. And at the head of which would stand brooklyn-born gore hasid rabbi. Yaakov litzman who would be premier. But who would know. That insists that the prime minister of ministers are in actuality his rabbis on the council of torah sages or maybe god himself and arguably nothing captures the hope infused with maybe a bit of myopia and solipsism spirit of the city. We love so well tel aviv. Afo better than going to the polls each time a new with a kind of certainty that this time our guys are bound to win the election because after all everyone you meet is voting for more or less the same people you are voting for and this time finally things are really going to work out with us in the studio is a woman whose hometown of rana would just squeeze out a narrow but stable liberal coalition of sixty two with. Yes chad's thirty seats blue and whites fourteen labor's ten and merida's eight seats. You know that. I'm talking about allison. Captain allison is written for politico. The new republic foreign policy the jerusalem post the data. The ford any other of your very best papers and magazines. She is a columnist for our at. You have heard on. Mpr pri in the bbc and you have seen on. I twenty four television including this week and aljazeera tv alison whole day beneath world. Tenor recognizing excellence in zaire reportage. Any simon rocked our award for excellence and covering zionism and israel. Alison how you doing. I'm good. I'm good recovering from the election. Getting ready for the next one in between you have been everywhere talking to everyone on every medium. Yeah yeah yeah except you know the past few days. It's been passover. So i decided to lock myself in a closet and not talk to a good decision also with us in lv. Once the os is a man whose native far saba would have swept in a strong center-left coalition of seventy two with the shades. Thirty four seats blue and white and labor's fourteen. Each and merits is ten. Obviously that man is don. Fetterman dan futterman is director of the mariah fund in israel and the director of the israel center for educational innovation. He's also the autour of a new series of podcast theater productions of autobiographical monologues called federman's one man show which just dropped its spectacular newest monologue. I never compete with my brother into parts which monologue don performed back in the day at the ninety second street y the american jewish theater and dozens of campuses across the united states. And in which monologue you'll hear him on a logical revelations like this. My brother would wrap whole packs of firecrackers toilet paper and we would throw these fireballs out

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