Saudi Crown Prince announces Saudi Green Initiative, Middle East Green Initiative


Saudi arabia aims to plant ten billion trees in the coming decades as part of an ambitious campaign unveiled by crown prince mohammed bin salman on saturday to reduce carbon emissions and combat pollution and land degradation the de facto. Ruler of the world's top oil exporter said that saudi arabia aims to reduce its carbon emissions by generating fifty percent of the country's energy from renewables by twenty thirty react would also work with other arab states on the middle east green initiative to plant an additional forty billion trees which the print said. We'll be the world's largest reforestation program. The statements did not provide details. On how the ambitious planting project would be carried out in the country with limited renewable water resources. The world's largest producer of desalinated water has in the past said it would use cloud seeding and recycled water to plant local trees that require less irrigation including in urban areas. The saudi green initiative is part of the prince's vision twenty thirty plan to reduce its reliance on oil revenues and to improve the quality of life in the country the kingdom the region and the world needs to go much further and faster in combating climate change. Prince mohammad said he said the share of clean energy production in the middle east does not currently exceed seven percent and that saudi would work with regional partners to help contributes to a reduction in carbon emissions resulting from hydrocarbon production in the region by more than sixty percent.

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