Trinity College in Perth Launches Crackdown on 'Unacceptable' Mullets

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A college in australia bans. The mullet haircut says that mullets are unacceptable trinity college in perth outlined their ban on the retro haircut known as the mullet in its recent newsletter. You guys are aware of the mullet business in front party in the back gas. You know what i'm talking about. Some of you know about the mullet. Just watch any hockey game from the nineties. Well okay so you got the short hair on top and then it's long in the back. Does this make sense. If you've seen this before big time. Eighties style. def leppard just watch. It deflected video. And i want. And i need the one. Def leppard shot out to australia. Okay so there's a quote in here. I'm going to do it in in an australian accent. Let's see what we got here. It is without reservation that the quality sets clear requirements that ensure health and safety as well as setting a high standard for personal representation. I mean presentation is no good this accent. Let me get back into normal accent. This is the quote in the news later by the way the current trend of growing your hair at the back of the head and are closely cropping. the sides of the head to accentuate the mullet style are untidy conventional and not acceptable at trinity college. As is the trend of long hair. Infringes as well. They don't even want long hair. Sounds like they're trying to crack down on hippies. What is this trinity college.

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