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To be focusing all your best energies right now on people that are ready to transact with you. Now, you gotta know how to proactively lead generate those people pre-qualified those people presented those people that is where your focus should be. This is not the working on your business time of year. This is the walking in your business time of year. So Point number five makes a lot of sense after what you just said what must you stop doing immediately that would be things that would be work theater. Okay, so the stuff that appears to be work, but it's not actually paying off. So, how do you run that through the filter while you just rattled off most of it what actually makes you money in real estate? You've got lead generation furiously fast lead follow up. Prequalify present negotiate closed and we find a way in pretty much every podcast to remind you of those things. It is not all of the Social Media stuff that we're not saying don't do it. We're saying when you do it, it should be in support of the real work of real estate specifically gelinas philosophy and the things obviously resonating with millions of Agents is the simple fact that you need to be proactively generation based in marketing enhanced that mean you have to start your essentially build your business around skills around doing what you don't want to do when you don't want to do it the highest level. Yes. I realize that it's not a popular message but it's also the truth if you want to accomplish anything in life you have to be willing to do what other people aren't willing to do one other people aren't willing to do it. I level which they never can or never will and so that is the whole idea behind proactively generation. They passively Generation stuff off is the thing that's going to make you broke is the thing that's going to make you fill your heart full of Despair cuz you're not accomplishing the success that you're promised if you decide to do all the paths of social networking stuff. down, She read our book. Once you become one of our coaching clients. You can't lie to yourself anymore and say that you weren't exposed to the truth about how to build a you know, essentially a long-term real estate business. You can't lie to yourself and saying well. Hey, I only knew how to do the social stuff because that's what everyone was telling me. Would you lie and I have now told you the truth. It's up to you to decide to take action on it or not. Exactly. So Point number 6 what skill needs immediate Improvement and what are you actually doing about it one would be led to believe that could be the listing skill perhaps definitely but for some cases, you know, I I listen to a lot of you know, prospecting calls lead generation calls our clients send us stuff to listen to I would say yes, everyone should be always working on their listening skills, but there's other things along the way like how quickly you're following your leads. What are you actually saying in your lead vocals? That's what you just said kind of stuff the key elements that you have to master in real estate. And this is all you ever get good at you can be terrible at everything else and I've had personal coaching class. But our exactly what I'm about to say and they have been terrible for their nails. You have to be really good at proactively generation. You have to be really good at pre-qualifying you have to be really good at presenting and then Julie with throwing there. You have to be really long ago. She acting right but I'll say on the seller side of things to go she dating right now is just not that hard because you have so many offers. So negotiation is something that sort of takes care of itself. But the other three things you have to proactively leads generate you have to learn to pre-qualify and you have to learn to present if those are the three things you only get good at in a market like this you're going to be right as rain, that's right. So which of those things or for some of you it may be all of those things? Do you need an immediate Improvement upon some of the obvious ones would be you know, excuse me being able to be proactive in the first place and not waiting for something to rain upon you, you know, praying to the real estate guy huge honestly. Have you ever had even a very very experiencing successful agent be so good at those things that there was absolutely no value could bring to them with their ability to proactively generate pre-qualified personal rights always

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