Monster Storm To Bring Several Feet of Snow and Tornadoes This Weekend


On out West a monster storm. I mean, they're saying historic proportions that threatening millions of folks with several feet of snow and tornadoes this weekend. Yeah, massive, slow moving storm, they say Expected to dump snow in the Rockies and Western Plains states starting today. Actually, forecasters in Denver could be in for one of the largest no storms in the city's history. In some areas, they're saying snowfall could reach three fate. Yikes on the eastern side of the storm, and people in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, all being warned to watch out for tornadoes and large hail and damaging winds. And at some point all of this mess, Maybe not that intense will reach our area as well. But Obviously keeping an eye on that with our partners, W B SC Fox, six Weather Center JP, Dice Mickey Ferguson and the rest of the crew they're coming into Monday is the rain will probably be here and in last three or four days through through next Thursday. But, boy, are they in for it. If you're gonna be traveling in that direction, you might want to look ahead and, you know, check the airlines. There's no doubt can be a lot of flights canceled because of this, And basically you think we shut down for an interest? No. Even three Ft of snow. Denver is going to bring things to a screeching halt there

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