Warren Rustand on Leading a Life of Design


So excited that you hear him dose of leadership. Welcome to the show. Thank you very much. Richard lied to be with. You should have some fun today. Yeah it's a true honor really your your expertise in your your the leadership junkie of all junkies. I think i love your book. The leader within uh. It's really good and it speaks resonates with me deeply. You're the first person that use these three terms. And i've been saying this a lot for the past few years about i thought the keys to unlocking transformational leadership. The compassionate side for sure is authenticity. Transparency vulnerability. I saw those three words a coin together. Your book a handful of times. And it just. I just love that so. You're the first person that i've seen. That's coin those three together. So i appreciate very nice you to say. Thank you very much really interesting experience. When i was working at the white house as appointments secretary to president ford and it was one of these times when i'd been appointed. And maybe you've had this experience to richard where you know right away that maybe you're not quite up to the job. You got a lot to learn. And wondering as fast as i could at the people i was hanging out with you know and i don't do this to namedrop to suggest you sort of how i was feeling at the time you know. I was there with don rumsfeld. Dick cheney colin powell. Bob gates brent scowcroft henry kissinger. That was the senior team. Now i was a part of that team. And so i and i was new to the white house. Twenty nine years old new politics and that's didn't feel like i was quite up to it quite good now. So we had a meeting of that group in the oval office one day with the president as they drifted out. I hung behind. Speak to present. I said mr president. I speak with these. Yes sit down. I said mr president not experienced enough. I'm not smart enough. I'm gonna make a mistake. It's going to embarrass you. And and here's my letter of resignation. And i put on his desk and he looked at it for a moment and he swivelled his chair to look out across the south lawn of the white house rose garden and he came back to me and he said you know warned. The very fact that you've said this to new to me makes you qualified to be here. The fact that i was vulnerable transparent and honest with him he knew he could trust me from that point in time as a result of that he trusted this whole farm kid with a lot of stuff that he showed it ever trusted to do but it worked out to be a really nice relationship. I learned early on that. Those three words are key to really deep relationships. I agree a hundred percent. And i love that story. I remember reading that book. You're right. That's where the first time i saw this phrase those three words together based on that story. What a great baptism by fire for for being around the greatness in being the witness as you open up the book to a standing there once nixon official he was going to resign. And you're able to witness ford kind of sit. There process. what was happening the gravity of what was happening and then go into action. I love that kind of inside baseball aspect of that. Of course. I remember that moment when it happened to but just to be there to witness that. It's just amazing when you're in your twenties late twenties but still you know just honored to be there to to witness the transfer of power and the ability of someone to grasp the significance of what was happening. You and then act upon that significant at that moment in time was really a profound leadership lessons for me. It is stayed with me my whole life to to gather in the data and the information the facts and then to have a plan to act on that and In the precise moment when you need to act yeah right is some of us could have said well. Let me step back from this for six months and figure this out that day he said i. I'd like to have the following six people here at seven. Am tomorrow morning for a transition team. Me and we walked into that room the next morning. He pulled from his jacket. Five pages of notes. He had a vision for what that transition was going to be. And that was a significant leadership. Lesson

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