Where Estate Planning and Social Inequality Meet

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I'm richie philanthropy. Jesse vice admiral flint pod. Chris miller and today our guests are laurel and riley carbone kern founders of tall grass estate. Planning their goal was to create a different kind of law firm when they're reaches out to people who are routinely overlooked traditional law firms or people who are hesitant to work with traditional law firms we talked to riley in laurel about social justice through estate planning the lord of the rings and why everyone needs estate planning even sar on the deceiver enjoy. We are very excited. Have riley and laurel kaduna kern from tall grass estate. Planning on the podcast today. Hello both of you view. Elo mainly grits. Thank you welcome. Mo- more popular of the two of us. I would say it's all the incheon. Listen we fight over the attention. That's always been our problem. And i relate to. That aren't i don't have to fight for our listeners. They're going to be asking this point why we are having an estate. Planning company on the podcast. So we'll start with the most basic question which is how is estate planning social justice issue. I recognize that estate. Planning sounds like feels like smells like the most untold listed whitebread topic. Anyone has ever thought about. We are as spicy as as yes manny's however we are grateful to be able to do a fair amount of pro bono low bono work and we see in that practice a number of things pop up like over and over and over again people who their grandparents great grandparents own a piece of property and then didn't know about estate planning and so now they're in a situation where like fifteen people own it To be able to like apply for grants for certain things they would need to track all of down or pay for a quiet title action. It should be something that is giving them wealth insecurity but instead it's costing them money to have this asset and if you know what state planning is if you're willing to hear about it and learn about it It can really enhanced generational wealth for for non. Just you know middle class. America or or upper class market but like literally everyone. And that's why it's so important to us to help. People understand estate. Planning is for every single person. The the misconception is that estate planning is about figuring out who gets your stuff when you die and there's a whole lot of people who look at their lives and think i don't have stuff so who cares That's that's a wrong understanding of what it is. It's really just about making sure that the right people are in control at the right times of the right things and what we see your your question about it. Being a social justice issue is that there are massive disparity in who plans for that kind of control and because all of us no matter. What our demographic Racial status religious status nationality cetera. All of us are subject to losing that control because of disability and death because of the disparity in who plans there's also a disparity generational wealth and the influence political influence financial prosperity. That come along with that so over generations you see the disparity linked to you know we think of as as a as a pretty clear as one example reinforcement of systemic racism. Disproportionately people who have large amounts of money are larger. Amounts of money are thinking about doing estate planning right. It has occurred to them. Hey i should probably do a power return. He get a trust in place right but the reason that they're doing that planning the things that they see may be happening down the down the line in their lives and being possible. Those things are possible for every single person regardless of how much you have but if you have a plan in place it's gonna affect your life and your loved ones a lot differently than if you don't have that planning in place

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