Monday’s blaze uprooted more than 45,000 mostly ethnic Rohingya

UN News


The reindeer refugees who lost everything in a massive at a camp in southern bangladesh. Need the world support more than ever. That's the message from the. Us emergency relief. Chief mark lowcock his released fourteen million dollars from a central fund to support thousands of families that coupon camp in southern bangladesh. Monday's blaze up rooted more than forty. Five thousand mostly ethnic ringer. The cause of the fire is still unknown. As is the exact number of casualties at the camp. You in children's fund spokesperson. James elder told you a news shortly after the blaze was brought under control u. n. team on the ground have been reporting. I've the last twelve hours that they have not really seen anything at the scale and intensity that has ripped through homes. You've got ten people living in a small shanty as a family or as an extended family so you end reporting at the moment that at least fifteen people dead four hundred missing tens of thousands so again already living a very difficult situation tens of thousands of lost what they call their homes. And what have a mega positions. They had a statement on thursday. Mr lowcock described the refugees who fled what top officials of liken to ethnic cleansing in myanmar. In two thousand seventeen as one of the world's most vulnerable communities they need our support now more than ever as the covid nineteen pandemic continues to take its toll and with the approaching monsoon season. The un emergency relief coordinator explained.

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