Jessica Simpson Reflects on Ex John Mayer

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Jessica simpson speaking at about how she really fell. When john mayer told the world she was crazy in bed. Jessica wrote that and her memoir and she says she was mortified when john called her sexual napalm but in this exclusive interview. I look that she has with tamron hall. Jessica explained why he does not own her anything. Should he follow a justin timberlake and do this public mac hall pa for some of the very public treatment. I definitely don't feel grime. public apology. you can't take it back. I feel like people end up finding their way to let you know we're sorry And i and. I think that i mean he might not be sorry. That's okay but like to talk about anybody sexually disrespectful. But i mean that's on him. I wouldn't mind if somebody left their review from you know what i mean like. It could be on the other hand like what happened with halle berry. Somebody said that she was bad in bed and she hear trying to find these accusations. Implicated in watergate.

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