A highlight from Introducing: Killer Role


A new horror movie with a promising young star. Three to one action. How you doing. I was using the bathroom. Did you hear that noise. Yes in the power is out again to in such a phenomenal actor. I mean it was just insane. We absolutely adored her she definitely seemed to really nail it. She was so good. Maybe too good at playing a killer. I really had a strong inkling but that was her was talented. Young woman i'm keith. Moore's aerodyne nbc. We see a lot of people pretend not to be killers. But we've never had a case where the main suspects cited to play one ready actors action. How our latest story will take us to a small town in oregon. Where an actor. Who dreamed of marrying a hollywood producer would get her chance in the spotlight. But where did the performances in reality begin surrounded a story of secret identities and a family knowing how she fired the gun inheritance the will with language that said that. If anything happened to my family he would be immediately. Disinherited that a protective mother. Who said she and her children lived in constant fear and heroized arise. I glad to stand and the young woman at the centre landed a killer role accurate county. I'll i can tell you a gun. Went off killer. Role story was surprises. Even hollywood couldn't imagine. Subscribe for free wherever you get your podcasts and join us for the first two episodes on

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