What Makes a Great Special Offer


Why do people will buy and what go out. Pull out their wallets and give up their hard earned money to some products. Some services to some companies and not with others has a lot to do with understanding human needs and human fears. Because that's what drives human behavior so for the sake of today's lesson. I'm going to use an example. Let's say you're going to be selling a course on how to start a podcast. The course alone could be amazing and deliver great results. But if you wanna push this as a special offer if you want to move as many units as possible if you want to promote it she wanted to give people over the edge. You need to craft a special offer. That compels people to take action. So what are the things you need to do to create an offer that does that the actually gets people to buy now not later first of all. Let's make sure that we don't undersell the core product. The core thing were selling so in this case an online course on had podcast or start a podcast to talk about what's in the cores the modules lessons. That's fine and all but that's not really what people really care about. You have limited time and limited attention of your audience. You know you can't just waste it on going on and on things that really. Don't move the needle really moves. The needle is the change. The customer's going to go through the result. The after picture people really care about what they're going to get what they're going to experience afterwards even if you're selling let's say for example to tickets at disneyworld the smiles on people's faces the memories the feeling of being an amazing partner or family member or parent. These are the real reasons why people go to disneyworld. It's not because they have x. amount of rides or themed restaurants. These are nice. And that's cool and everything. By the end of the day people are chasing feeling is chasing a result

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