Phil Donahue and Marlow Thomas on the Chemistry That's Kept Them Together



Let's have a video of the moment. That we i fell in love. Actually have a picture of me on a plane right when i first saw neck right that that moment which is pretty special. I love this video. Their chemistry is insane and undeniable fill is a little stumbling and so obviously smitten. Marlow is just so composed and insanely beautiful. You could watch this clip and not know anything about what happens next and still knowing your soul that these people end up together for the next forty years so I wasn't prepared. Because i had never seen this show because it wasn't in la so when he walked into the green room with those killer blue eyes and great white hair and he shook my hand. And i thought wow what a good looking man. And then we got out in the studio and he was so confident just to watch him work. The audience and i was very attracted to him. I mean we had a chemical reaction to each other right right there. You could see it. I mean it's embarrassing to look at that. Show 'cause you can really see it. And i think the most important thing is really in a marriage is that it starts off like that and that gets rekindled all the time so that there is that sort of not just sexual but also attachment is a a magnet between you that you don't have anybody else. There certainly was true with me million marlow people just they do have that reaction to each other not always but often and i think when you start off that way. It's so exciting and runs risky. Yeah it's true and know half half of us get divorced half of us so may forever. Yeah that's that's a musical kind of lyrical idea. It's not it doesn't consist with reality.

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