A highlight from April, 12, 2021


Evening everyone at feels all too familiar. An unarmed black man shot by police during a minor traffic. Stop tonight however a different twist but one no less tragic police in brooklyn center minnesota releasing officer bodycam video within hours of the fatal shooting of twenty year. Old dante. Right the video revealing what. The police chief believes may have been an accident appearing to show an officer firing into right during a struggle then realizing in shock it was not a tasers. She fired her handgun. You'll see for yourself in a moment. And i'll caution you. It is hard to watch meantime the community bracing for another night of protests and unrest president biden. This appeal this afternoon. Do know that the anger pain and trauma just the black community and that environment is real serious and it's consequential but it doesn't will not justify violence and or looting. We should listen to dante's mom calling for peace and

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