Iran Says Nuclear Program Testing Newest Advanced Centrifuge


Iran's President Hassan Rouhani today reiterated Tehran's commitment to nuclear nonproliferation. At the same time, he oversaw the launch of new advanced centrifuges at the country's Natanz underground nuclear plant. As NPR's Michele Kelemen reports. Today's developments come as the U. S and Iran hold indirect talks on returning to full compliance with the 2015 nuclear deal. This week, European, Russian and Chinese diplomat shuttled between U. S and Iranian delegations in Vienna. A senior Biden administration official describes the meetings as constructive. It says it would be better to talk directly with Iran. The official who briefed reporters on the condition of anonymity, says the U. S. Is ready to let Iran do business again if Iran curbs its nuclear program. But the official also warns that the talks will head to an impasse if Iran sticks to its position that the U. S must lift every sanction imposed by the Trump administration since Trump pulled out of

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