Bishop E.W. Jackson on His Powerful Book 'Sweet Land of Liberty'


Talk to you about your life story and about the book, Sweet Land of, of Liberty. What, what led you at this point to, to write a book like this? Well, it's been in process for, and for a long time. Um, but what motivated me, Eric, and by the way, thank you for having me. I'm glad to be on with you because first of all, for you to say my life is complicated and busy, I kind of get a sense of what you're doing. So I'm just trying to throw people off the track cause my life is like loony, but no, but you are, you've done a lot of different kinds of things and it's such a joy when we can have someone with us in the studio, uh, you know, usually, uh, we do things other ways, but it's, it's just a joy when you're, you know, you're only coming from Virginia. So you're able to make it here, but I'm, I'm just grateful to have you here. Well, I'm glad to be here. Um, look, the motivation for writing the book is to just put it very simply, Eric, I love this country. I really believe that America is one of the greatest gifts God has ever given any people. If only you could get this message out to Whoopi Goldberg, just kidding. Okay. You, you are a patriot and I've heard you many times and you do love this country. And that's why, uh, it's so important to hear from you. But I guess, have you ever told your story in book form like this before? No, this is the first time. And you know, it's interesting. I begin the book by talking about musing as I have from time to time. What if I had been born some other place? What if I'd been born in some other country and I talk about the results, what the results could have been. I'm an outspoken person. I, I like expressing my opinion about things. There are places where I probably would be dead by now. Yeah. Uh, or we both be dead many times over. Um, but, but we grew up in America. Amen. We're allowed. We have this crazy thing. It's called freedom of speech. It's amazing.

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