Qatar to aid Turkey, lira rallies, U.S. rejects lifting tariffs


I asked the BBC's, Celine Garrett in Istanbul about the mood across Turkey and which goods are affected? Well, this morning Turkey, double tariffs on some US imports and including cars, alcohol, tobacco cosmetics, slice and called a decree was signed by presidents at type our Don. And for instance, the tariffs on passenger cars are was doubled to one hundred and twenty percent on alcoholic drinks to one hundred forty percent. Sent and on tobacco to sixty percent. The vice president took this on Twitter and he said, this step was taken under the principle of reciprocity in response to US administrations, deliberate attacks on Turkish economy that is a feeling shared across Turkey amongst the pro government people, government supporters that Turkish economy is targeted, and there should be a response and the government is acting in line with that. Having said that these terrorists will not actually have a very serious impact. The United States is the fourth largest source of imports. Turkey, it accounts, twelve billion dollars of imports. However, these particular tariffs will be targeting only a small small ratio of that, and this will rather be very symbolic. Of course, Turkish government is trying to put on a brave face. Your symbolic may be, but what do people in Turkey make of all this? Well, there is this. Atmosphere of a tense cautiousness in Turkey. Last Friday, the Turkish lira the local currency had seen a record, low lost twenty percent overnight. And we're talking about a currency that already had lost forty percent of its value since the beginning of the year. But early this week, the central Bank intervened and the lira gained some ground after dot and the Turkish government is saying that the steps taken by the central men central Bank show that they are on the right path. LeRoy is declining. It has actually rallied this morning as well after a Turkish at a Turkish court decided to release to Greek soldiers. So Turkey is causing up to its European neighbours, Germany, Greece, France, et cetera. There will be talks held with Mirko mccrone and our dawn, for instance, today and tomorrow and Turkey wants to show that it has alternatives and the people in Turkey want to see that we cannot talk about a panic atmosphere in Turkey. But every now and then when someone passes by an exchange office, you see a worried face where is the dollar standing now, whereas the lira standing now. But having said that this morning lira has rallied, we're talking about lira standing at six against the dollar. Whereas two days ago, it was above seven

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