Kentucky governor cutting dental, vision coverage for nearly 500,000


News radio seven hundred wwl w radio show scattered clouds and a couple of storm cells that have been popping up at the state today clermont county in pendleton county seeing some of the steadiest rain at this hour it's eighty five degrees news is a service of saint elizabeth healthcare it's time for us to start questioning what wealth mates we are not a wealthy country when each and every one of our citizens does not have healthcare louisville mayor greg fischer today among the democrats speaking against kentucky governor matt bevins' decision to cut vision and dental coverage from medicaid statewide it comes after a judge ruled on friday that the governor cannot make people who are on medicaid work or volunteer or go to school to keep their coverage federal investigators arresting a man accused of plotting to bomb the fourth of july parade and fireworks in cleveland fbi special agent in charge steven anthony says forty eight year old dimitrius pits has a history of troubling facebook posts is extensive criminal history including flonase assault domestic violence aggravated robbery and carrying a concealed weapon furthered our reason for concern tits used to live in saint bernard and was on the fbi's radar then he moved to cleveland this past may meantime hamilton county prosecutor joe dealers says they have done their job now we will do ours he's talking about the arrest of alan summers today.

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