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He's a lot of things put bullrings not one of them smart stupid idiotic brilliant genius unrealistic this he's the pony express here's andrew phillip pony all right so summer of lebron twenty eighteen when know we failed a lot of down time during the drudgery of the nba season so once the nfl season ended and before the playoffs star and you just you sit in studios like this one and you think you scratch your head and you're like okay what am i gonna talk about that it's going to interest the most people is it going to be the sun's sacramento king game from last night now i mean it's pointless to even read too much into regular season nba teams regular season nba games with good teams in it so we spent a lot of time at least the shows that do it right i spent a lot of time just man just let's kick up our feet and have a talk and the conversation about where lebron james going to end up yeah because talking about lebron i know that there are some people who get tired of it but it's it's one topic it's one athlete that everybody has an opinion on a what he should do right now where should go what you think he will do questions that will continue to be asked and continue to solicit your answers and your opinions on it until it actually happens and then when it does happen will react to whether or not we thought it was the right decision i mean this is gonna for me we're going to talk about this for the next month if not more until the nfl season gets here i think right now it's really intriguing because it doesn't look obvious i wanted to reference what we were talking about or what we were thinking back in the winter because i think linking lebron james to a destination that included chris paul was something that got done a lot he wants to play with chris paul remember the banana boat photograph of them together they're super good friends there really they also have a business acumen where they're thinking about life beyond basketball they have such admiration and respect for one another they also would make a good combination i mean you know that whole perspective or outlook then there was still lebron paul george rumors and those two guys by the attached at the hip hand to hand and it does and it doesn't look like either one of those scenarios we're going to play out george stays in oklahoma city there's no room for lebron down there chris paul stays in houston the only way that would have happened is if they had orchestrated a sign and trade with the cavaliers and lebron james opted out of that contract you know so the cavs aren't going to be the middle man facilitating that move now so who's left co i leonard well keiko to la doesn't look like the spurs are going to let that happen according to espn there haven't been serious conversation between the two sides on leonard whatsoever it hasn't happened at all so we're in dark waters man we're in choppy uncharted waters here a few hours into free agency really not having any good idea or clear picture as to where lebron james decided where do i think he'll go what do i think will happen i think he'll still end up picking the lakers because i think for lebron james right now he's going to base this decision on more than just basketball now we might be thinking from our from our seat.

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