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That someone who might be a new housewives and Beverly Hills? Denise Richards, kind of was kind of over inflating the amount of money. She's getting paid per episode beyond the housewives like a million dollars per episode or something. Oh. There's a blind item from yesterday. Thank you. Julia from crazy days nights dot net. So the blind item this former almost state minus lists actress who has a list name recognition in the tabloid world. Recently bragged about a contract, she says, she's getting for reality TV the thing is though she exaggerated it and is now facing issues when it comes to child support payments. She was demanding to be maintained. Surely, she by Charlie Sheen has taken you know, she was willing to go down from fifty seven thousand dollars a month to twenty one or something like that. Yes. And she's been doing that. And so now that he finds out she's getting paid a million dollars. I mean, she said that she. Well, of course, we don't believe it. But she also said it, so it's just jeopardizing her. And then today, we find that. She's engaged. Yes. She's engaged to Nicolette Sheridan sex. Yeah. And I don't know if that spousal support for it's just one hundred percent child support. Sure. I don't know what it is. Either doesn't have any money left. I know he doesn't so good luck to Denise Richards on keeping those payments as he would

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